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Boxers Sweat Inc. to prepare themselves physically and mentally for a match. This movement is a means of finding rhythm while perfecting style and technique.

Paired with elements of modern day training methods, Sweat Inc. is the foundation for evolving the group class fitness experience. By reimagining this ritual, we’ve created a full-body workout incorporating high-intensity rounds of shadowboxing, body-weight exercises and work using various guided punch combos.

what to


First time? We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions below to help you out but please feel free to email us on info@sweatinc.ie

What should I wear?

We provide wraps and boxing gloves so you just need to bring exercise clothes and yourself! We would also recommend bringing a bottle of water as you can expect to sweat a lot.

What will my first class be like?

Our classes are designed for all fitness and experience levels. If it is your first class we ask you arrive 15 minutes early. One of our trainers will help wrap your hands and give you a quick lesson in the basics of boxing before the class starts.

The class itself will then consist of a range of boxing technique drills, including bag and pad work as well as fitness conditioning. Our instructors will lead you through all exercises to make sure you know exactly what to do.

Do you have showers/changing rooms?

Unfortunately, we do not have showers or changing rooms at our current facility so we recommend arriving at Sweat Inc wearing your workout clothes. We have space inside the classroom to leave bags along the side.

How many people train per class?

We limit numbers in each class to ensure each attendee is guaranteed personal feedback and guidance from the trainers running the class.

Will I ever be boxing in a fight against someone?

While our classes use many of the same techniques and exercises as boxers our training is focussed on fitness, meaning you’ll never be fighting someone in the ring!



Take one step into any Sweat Inc. studio and it’s clear we aren’t a conventional boxing gym. A fully equipped front desk prides itself on superior customer service.

The Venue

Each venue is dimmed lighting and thumping music set the intensity level and mood within the room. Individually numbered Gloves & Pads have been custom for the Sweat Inc. experience.
A towel + water bottle at each bag allows for easy access throughout class. A DJ with state of the art sound system ensures enjoyment of the pure rhythm and emotion of boxing.


the workout

Sweat Inc.

Our signature 90 min group class combines body weight exercises (variations of plyometric/metabolic work), shadowboxing with intense training intervals led by professional instructors. All movements are paired with high-energy music that inspires and motivates; always without fighting or physical contact.

A dimly-lit studio environment promotes focus within one’s own personal space. Experience improvement in muscle tone, lower stress level, enhanced cardiovascular endurance, improved coordination and self-confidence, core strength, bone and ligament strength, lower body fat percentage + so much more! 

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